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Grade 7 Language

This course will review and expand upon literary forms such as poetry, descriptive writing, fiction and non-fiction, as well as oral communication skills. Students will have the opportunity to explore the influence of media on their lives, create media texts, and develop research skills through expository writing. By taking this course, students will gain to a greater level of independence as language users and ready themselves for the grade 8 Language course.

Course Code: LAN7
Curriculum Policy Document: Language, Grades 1 – 8, 2006 Revised
Department: Intermediate
Course Developer: Virtual Elementary School
Development Date: 2012

Literary Forms

The first unit of the course will examine various literary forms and encourage the student to begin to write freely and descriptively. Numerous writing tools are reviewed, modeled, and practiced as students read various forms of texts including fiction, poetry, and scripts. Finally, passive and active listening is reviewed to prepare them for the oral component of the course.


Students explore numerous types of inventions including historical, futuristic, and aboriginal ones that inform their design and development of some media literacy. Combining expository and persuasive writing styles offers students a chance to create emotionally charged texts.

Natural Disasters and Phenomena

Non-fiction as a form is closely inspected as well as the various criteria that define it. Students will be exposed to the types of non-fiction elements they may find in the world around them in the content of the unit itself. Writing a formal speech and presenting it to the teacher form the final major oral assignment.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Interactive writing takes the stage in this exciting unit as students develop an understanding of how to create this reader focused form of writing. Exploring classic fiction and learning about more advanced writing techniques, such as foreshadowing, allow students increased proficiency in narrative writing.

Lost Worlds

The final unit of this course consolidates the skills in reading comprehension that students have been exposed to since the first unit. Students are encouraged to let their creativity take over as they learn about mythical lands and are forced to decide if some are based on fact, or fiction. Continued exposure and mastering of reading and writing tools, allow the student to ready themselves for the Grade 8 language program.

The Final Grade (Facilitated)

Student evaluation in this course is based on the student's achievement of curriculum expectations. The final letter grade represents the quality of the student's overall fulfillment of the expectations for the course and reflects the corresponding level of achievement as described in the achievement chart for the discipline. The final grade reflects the student’s most consistent level of achievement across all units in the course, although special consideration is given to more recent evidence of achievement. There is no final assessment, such as an exam, in this course.