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Virtual Elementary School (VES) provides options for your child's education:

  1. You may choose to have your child do the course without a VES teacher - the Independent course version.
  2. You may choose for your child to have a teacher to facilitate the course but allow your child to move through the course at their own pace- the Facilitated course version.
  3. You may also choose for your child to have a teacher but move through the course on a set schedule with other students in a Learning Pod.

Upon selecting the Register button, you will be redirected to The registration process for VES is completed using the same system that is used when registering with Virtual High School.

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Register for three or more Independent courses and save 15% on the total tuition cost.

This offer is per one student account, per transaction. The offer does not apply to Facilitated courses.

Course Outline
Grade 1 Mathematics Outline
Grade 2 Mathematics Outline
Grade 3 Mathematics Outline
Grade 4 Mathematics Outline
Grade 4 Science & Technology Outline
Grade 5 Language Outline
Grade 5 Mathematics Outline
Grade 5 Science & Technology Outline
Grade 6 Language Outline
Grade 6 Mathematics Outline
Grade 6 Science & Technology Outline
Grade 7 Language Outline
Grade 7 Mathematics Outline
Grade 7 Science & Technology Outline
Grade 8 Language Outline
Grade 8 Mathematics Outline
Grade 8 Science & Technology Outline

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